Speak from the first person or from personal experience, no names can be named except your own or a character in the film itself
No expletives, hate speech, or sexually explicit content
Can be any form that meets the above guidelines: narrative, poem, dance, etc.
All ages (parents must give consent for children under 18)
All submissions that meet the rules and guidelines above will be published online
Feel free to record a response on your smartphone and submit it


The Word To RI project is organized by volunteers acting in their personal capacity. The project is not endorsed, sponsored and/or owned by any legal entity, existing or planned.
We cannot begin to hope without addressing our feelings of injustice and social alienation. In this way, hope and injustice are two sides of the same coin - you can’t have one without the other. The Word To RI collective seeks to catalyze discussions that relate to these themes on Roosevelt Island.
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